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November/December 2008/January 2009

Seroja, who was our lodger for a few months has now gone to Canada.  He had some problems as the agency kept his passport at first and said they wouldn’t give it back to him until he had given them $5,000.  A friend of ours from the church was going to look into it through contacts he had through the Canadian embassy, but Seroja went to the agency with his sister and had to get her sign a surety that she would pay the agency $500 a month, to repay them for the visa, flights etc, and they gave him his passport and air tickets back.  When he told us I ask when he was going.  His answer.  Tomorrow.  He has been in touch with us since and, although he says it is a mixture of easy and hard work, he seems to be settling in well.

Ceman was found to have a misplaced vertebral disc in his neck and had to have some daily intensive therapy, which meant daily trips to Kyiv.  It has taken a large chunk out of out monthly allowance, but the hospital was afraid that if not treated it could slip out of place and leave him paralysed.  He is now much better and has been able to restart games at school.

Varla was also unwell in November, getting three bad coughs in a row, the third going to her chest.  She had oral antibiotics, IM antibiotics and a course of intensive physiotherapy.  Unfortunately, because of her medical history, everything goes straight to her chest and the infection was quite severe and very difficult to clear up.  Len and I were running here there and everywhere having to split up for different things as they all seemed to be happening at the same time.  A biggest problem for Varla was that she felt fine and was bored stiff not being at nursery every day.

We have also had an American friend who has been trying to get a foothold in the Internats, helping the children to catch up with school work, maths and English, but has had no response with the ones he has tried in Kyiv.  I took him to Brovary Social Services and he was given permission to go to the Internat to speak to the Director, Viktor.  He started the same week teaching the children to use the computer properly and not just for games.

Thankfully we did manage to get back to England for Christmas.  Varla loved it and one of our friends, who is an optometrist tested her eyes for us.  Varla now has glasses that fit her properly and she loves them.  Her eye sight is gradually improving and she has no problem wearing them all the time as she is supposed to.

Ceman’s father is currently away at sea, trying to earn enough money to buy a larger apartment so that Ceman can go back to live with him.  The big problem at the moment is that because of the law over here, Ceman has been in care for over a year now (more than two with us) and his father should have his rights taken away.  Len and I both think this is the worst thing that could happen to him, but we have had a word with Social Services and they say that Ceman and I can speak up in court for him.  We haven’t been given a date yet and Vira, at Social Services, is trying to delay it.  His father will be away for nine months and it would probably be impossible for him to attend any hearing, but please pray about this.

I went to Vancouver in Canada for just over one week a few days after our return from England.  It took 23 hours to get there and then, of course, I suffered from jet lag.  My body just got used to the 10 hour difference just in time  for me to make the 21 hour return journey so I’m still suffering from jet lag.  My body is still telling me it 10 pm instead of 12 md.  Vancouver is a beautiful city and my friend had great pride in showing me around, although the biggest problem was that is was very foggy for most of my stay, so going up some of the mountains was pointless as I couldn’t see the view.

We now have to start making our plans for this year.  Len will be able to do more now he has his two new knees and is busy at the moment evaluating the money needed for the building work, materials, permissions etc. 

We are also trying to see how to visit the families in Brovary and see what further help we can give them.  At times we still feel we could do more, but with Len’s health over the past two years we have had to slow down.  Hopefully, now he is so much better He will show us what else He wants us to do.

Joseph, an English friend over here has a road side ministry and people often give him money, which adds up.  He now tells them it is for us and gave it to us in one chunk just before Christmas.  We used this to buy some small presents for the children we help in Brovary, as some of them probably wouldn’t have got anything, being from either very large or from poor families.

Many thanks for all the prayers and continued support given to us by you all.

Prayer list

That Len’s health continues to improve.
That we can get enough money to either buy or lease a 9 seater vehicle.
That we can get our land privatised and the funding and planning permission for the new building.
That Anatoly, our doctor friend, can initiate his plans to come to England for work and to learn the language.
Give thanks that Sasha and Tanya have been accepted for emigration to Canada.  Pray that the documentation can be completed quickly so that they can go.
 That Ceman learns the importance of education and work.
 For private intentions of my own.
That Ukrainians will open their hearts to show the disadvantaged children love.
That Varla’s parents can stop drinking.
For Andre and his girls.
For the doctors and nurses at the hospitals, that Ukrainians recognise their worth.
That I can get all the medical needs done for Varla.
That Viktor doesn’t have his paternal rights taken away.
For our Canadian friends, that she gets over her severe PND and he and his mother can cope with the problems this is causing.
For Anne and Graham and their ministry in China.
Particularly pray for the Government of Ukraine, that they will start thinking of the people they are supposed to be representing and not of themselves their egos.
For Christ Church in Kyiv, that The Lord will show us the way forward and help us to get a new full time priest in charge.

Must finish now or I will never get this letter off. 

Our love and prayers are with you all.

Pat, Len, Ceman, Albina, Katya, Ira and Varla

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