About Us

Our Purpose
The Principal aim of "Children's Joy" is to provide loving Christian nuture to children abandoned by their parents and now living on the streets of Ukraine without food, adult guidance, education or moral instruction.

The home "Children's Joy" provides love, physical and spiritual care to each child, teaches them how to love and respect each other and adults representing authority in their lives.  Children need maternal and paternal love to have balanced view of adult life. Pat and Len Joy and their dedicated Christian volunteers provide that love, nuture and care. Loving guidance is provided (sometimes repetitively) as needed to break habbits of swearing, smoking and addictions to glue and/or drugs.

The home "Children's Joy" is an all-inclusive environment that presents conditions for the children's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development to mature productive adulthood. The home is situated in the village of Knyazachee, Brovary and is large enough to house 4 children.