Looking after unwanted children in Ukraine

Children are dying on the streets of Ukraine because of the lack of care and society's inability to address the issues related to the children’s needs. Although the government is now trying to address these issues, and in recent years has improved, there are still many living on the streets.

In 2003 Pat and Len Joy gave up their jobs and home in the Uk and moved to Ukraine where they have set up a home for disadvantaged and unwanted children.

  • Home is in the village of Knyazhichi
  • 4 children currently under their care in the home
  • A 19 year old former resident who comes back most weekends
  • 1 family (mother and 4 children) at risk of being put onto street living in home

As well as looking after the children living in the home, the charity supports poor families living locally, allowing them to stay together.

Childrens Joy UK is a UK based charity, allowing them to claim gift aid for donations from UK tax payers.

The land on which the home is built is now fully owned by Len and Pat. This gives the opportunity to:

  • Build a bigger house out the back
  • Give each child a room of their own
  • With new rooms take in new children

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